Call it coincidence, but our Citterio-brand mortadella (the Italian version of good, old-fashioned, domestic bologna) actually comes from Bologna, Italy, in the bountiful region of Emilio-Romagna. Of the many pork sausage products from this region, mortadella is the most popular with a long and celebrated history. It has been produced for at least 500 years; yet culinary history suggests that this pork favorite may have originated even earlier, in Roman times. The name “mortadella” comes from the Latin description of the ingredients used in the Middle Ages, and from the way it was then prepared. Myrtle berries (“miratatum”) were commonly added to pork sausage mixtures, then ground with a mortar (“mortario”) and pestle. Our mortadella, baked in quality brick ovens, is made of premium Italian pork meat; blended with salt, white pepper, peppercorns or crunchy pistachio nuts, coriander and splashes of fine wine. It is a delicious staple of antipasto platters, a savory filling for sandwiches, or just for lazy snacking. We offer 6-pound cuts and our giant variety 18-pound cut, as well.

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