We offer a variety of very distinct flavored classic table cheeses that boast premium qualities and are made with the finest ingredients for old country flavors at home, in salads, stuffing and many of your favorite Italian recipes. Our 12lb Fontina Red is great when Melted on Italian bread with tomatoes and basil for a unique sandwich or sliced as an appetizer with hot Italian bread, grapes and melon. Another two useful table cheeses we have are our Rustico red pepper and black pepper Italian table cheeses. These variants are bathed in sea salt, offer a savory taste and are enhanced by the pepper yet do not give off a strong, overwhelming spicy flavor. Both are a great snack with crackers or bread. Our Auribella sharp, semi-hard table cheese is made of whole cow’s milk and is great melted and shredded in tortillas with chicken & peppers or used to enhance lasagna, stuffed shells or classic macaroni and cheese. It also gives a unique flavor to appetizers, desserts and salads. Mariano Foods store sets the standard when shopping for premium gourmet table cheeses online. Our online food store offers wholesale pricing on bulk orders for restaurants and delis, giving great savings to you and your customers.

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