Some of the most delicious and famous recipes, worldwide, have been created because of the regional availability of an abundance of certain kinds of food

The preponderance of fresh seafood for example, courtesy of the Mediterranean Sea, has allowed Italian home makers and cooks to produce some amazing meals. Italian seafood cuisine has, for centuries, reflected a region’s plentiful access to a variety of natural seafood.

Our selection of the finest seafood products available means that you, too, can now create those same delicious traditional recipes in your own kitchen. And, contrary to popular belief, gourmet cooking isn’t usually very complicated. Hundreds of delicious seafood recipes are possible by choosing from our online specialty Italian foods store. It’s the quality and availability of ingredients that make the ordinary, extraordinary!

Our canned baby clams will be the crowning ingredient in your New England or Manhattan Clam Chowder or a traditional, savory clam sauce, over your favorite pasta, with lots of garlic and parsley.

Use our premium squid dusted with flour, paprika and cayenne pepper for an unforgettable “calamari fritti” or fried calamari. Try topping a pizza with our prime flat fillet anchovies in pure olive oil for a warm, homemade snack.

There is nothing more flavorful than tuna in olive oil, for moist and delectable salads or pasta entrees. Escargot is a delicacy usually associated with elite palates and pocketbooks. Our escargot is affordable and conveniently packaged in cans, for your easy and complete enjoyment.

“Scungilli” or conch meat from the Italian coast, is an intriguing choice for any fish recipe, especially when simmered with marinara sauce or added to rice and served with veal for Risotto alla Milanese.

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