Just when you think you’ve decided on the perfect olive oils for you Italian kitchen, another cooking possibility looms on the horizon: grape seed oil. Grape seed oil is, indeed, extracted and cold-pressed from the seeds of wine grapes. This oil is light, refreshing and lends enough flavor to salads and food without overpowering them. Grape seed oils are easy to use and especially desirable when frying or sautéing, because of its higher “flash point” or the temperature at which oils break down in cooking. It is just as useful in marinating, baking and in the general ways olive oil is used. Grape seed oil is pale green in color, lightly nutty tasting and has long been a favorite in Italy. It contains no cholesterol, making it perfect for low-fat/low cholesterol diets and it contains high Vitamin E content. It is also thought to have some anti-oxidant properties. Grape seed oil is also commonly used for stir fry recipes, on vegetables, fruit salads, appetizers and light desserts. Our fine selection of infused grape seed oils are blended with classic spices, including garlic, basil, Valencia oranges and others, offering an exciting range of flavors and creative choices for modern cooks.