Did you ever wish that the ingredients you use most often in the kitchen, could somehow be combined into one? How many times do you reach for your best olive oil, then add other extra ingredients to your salads and dressings; your bread stuffings; your marinades and more, until your seasonings are complete?

You’ve come to the right place. We have collected the finest, flavor-infused olive oils for your cooking pleasure! Infused oil or flavored oil is made by combining the pure essence of herbs into olive oil. Our premium, high-quality oils are infused with the most sought-after flavors, like garlic, sun dried tomatoes, rosemary, truffles, porcini mushroom, basil, lemon, Valencia orange, hot pepper, chili pepper, and red pepper. Each of these varieties will flavor your meals in unique ways. Lemon and basil infused oils enhance fish or chicken dishes, while red pepper and garlic infused oils pep up meat and stew dishes and other favorites, including bread stuffings. Mildly spicy black truffle and porcini oils adds a special savory flavor to finishing sauces and garnishes, dressings and marinades, as well as adding interest to vegetables and side dishes.

How you use them, and in what combinations, is decided by individual taste and your sense of adventure and creativity. Imagine your guests asking, “What’s different? What is that wonderful taste?”