Peppers are used in a variety of culinary recipes. They are one of the most commonly known vegetables for cooking, salads and spicing. The most common variant is the bell pepper. Grown in a plethora of colors, bell peppers can be gutted and stuffed with rice, meats and more for delicious stuffed peppers or used on a crudités platter for its bright colors and crunchy texture for dips. Many variants of this important culinary vegetable are available in our online food store catalog. A popular choice for Greek salads, Napoli pepperoncini is available in 32 oz and 1gal jars for sandwiches or to enhance the feel of many Italian dishes. Our stuffed variety of peppers is filled with aged provolone and prosciutto meat in 12oz mugs or 32oz jars. For a different taste to your next meal we have Italian peppers fried with onions in 12oz jars great when eaten alone or to maximize the taste of many Italian dishes. Our 32oz jar of hot cherry peppers is good as a snack but electric when used to stuff your favorite gourmet meats. A chopped and minced variety is also available in 12oz jars to make a savory pepper relish. Be sure to visit often as new products are added as they become available, also, all products are available with wholesale pricing for bulk orders. Mariano Foods store offers the best in premium gourmet peppers and high quality Italian foods for sale when food shopping online.

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